Catherine has assisted thousands of couples with natural conception. This gallery contains a small selection of messages and photos we have received from happy parents!

Dear Catherine,
With a history of auto immune diseases I was nervous and worried about my baby being healthy. But after my first visit with Catherine she put my mind at ease and worked her magic. Rocket is now 20 months old and healthy and strong and awesome. Catherine helped make us both happy in our bodies and our minds and we are eternally grateful for her wisdom and her heart.

E x
July 2014


Dear Catherine,
I would like to thank you for all your help with my pregnancy. Prior to seeing you I had two miscarriages and after your consultation it only took 2 months to have a successful pregnancy. I am now blessed with another girl who we named Layla. She is such a calm, patient and happy baby.

Bertha C.
July 2013

Claudia A.

Thank you Catherine for helping us create our little miracle daughter Claudia. It would not have been possible without your help and support. We will definitely be returning for a pre-conception detox when we plan for our second baby. We are now a family, thank you again.

Lisa and Nick
June 2013

Penny & Nick
Dear Catherine,
We wish to thank you sincerely for all your guidance and support in our endeavour to conceive another baby. May you continue to help many more couples like us to achieve their baby dreams for a long time to come.

Penny & Nick
June 2013

Max A.

Our journey to have a baby began in 2006 when we began a three month detox
(I must say I didn’t adhere as strictly to it as I should have)and on month
four we tried to have a baby and succeeded and miscarried 17 weeks later,
then a few months after that miscarried again.

Then the journey really began – 14 months of what began as hard work and
resulted in a strong mind, fit body and a clarity I have never known… and
a beautiful, healthy, content, exceptional little boy who is now 14 months
old. Max breast fed easily and has always been able to settle himself.

John was exceptionally supportive and stuck to the plan and both of us I are
convinced that preconception work is necessary to a healthy baby. Max was
conceived effortlessly and my pregnancy was bliss (I put on 10 kilos) and
worked until two days before he was born.

The ‘detox phase’ was tough at first especially no alcohol – now three years
without it and I don’t miss it. We both have adhered to eating and living
this way and love it. ( a couple of lapses, puts us straight back onto our
beautiful plan)

I am forty now and we have embarked on our ‘preconception plan’ for baby
number two and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt the acupuncture/organic
food/fresh air/a few supplements’ and a strong mind will result in an
exceptionally healthy “consciously conceived” little person.

Thanks Catherine for setting us on the right track and for picking up
through iridology things that were so very important in our journey

Laetitia M.

Dear Catherine
It’s nine months after the event, so this letter is well and truly overdue, but Barb and I would like to put in writing our sincerest thanks for helping us create our beautiful second daughter, Laetitia Madonna.

The complete process we undertook at your advice to get pregnant again was life-changing. None would doubt that having a child – first or otherwise – means change. But we have enjoyed more than that. The de-tox not only improved our health in terms of predisposing us to falling pregnant. It re-educated us to understand better our diet and lifestyle. What we learnt has improved our general health and quality of life, and many of the components of the de-tox have become day-to-day staples. And we’re sure that Laetitia’s good health, great sleep habits and all-round happiness are due in no small part to it.

Our story before we came to see you was not dissimilar to many. We had tried to fall pregnant for a year and a half, without success. Our desire to have a second child became our obsession; a desperate pursuit which increasingly created tension and anxiety in our marriage and most other parts of our existence.

The frustration and and unhappiness was compounded by the advice of many supposed expert conventional medical practitioners. Being over age 40, Barb was fed with the horrific statistics of how unlikely her chances were. Furthermore, the presence of a number of fibroids was identified as a major impediment to a successful conception and carriage. It was recommended they be removed by surgery, and that such surgery carried not inconsiderable risks, including hemorrhaging and forced hysterectomy. Of course, as we now know and as you expected, the fibroids were of no complication.

Our birth was fantastic. Barb went through the process entirely naturally – no epidural, drugs or C-section. On your advice, she positively reinforced in her mind that she should expect a labour of no more than four hours, and it turned out to be 3 hours 45 minutes exactly. She squatted for delivery and said it felt great (well, it’s a relative term!!) and she bears no stretch marks.

So, thank you Catherine. And thank you, too, Narelle for your invaluable help. You both offered kindness, empathy and positive attitudes at all times. You were always there when we needed advice or help, by phone and email. Your obvious passion and love shone through and we would have no hesitation in offering anyone our highest recommendation (not that you need it). Put this letter on your wall as our testament to your service, and may you continue bringing joy to many more like us.

Mr and Mrs O

Todd A.

Sorry we haven’t sent you a photo sooner than this. Just to remind you, Todd Alan J was born on 25th Oct. 2001 weighing 2.62kg or 5lb 12 oz. Labour went smoothly for the 4 hours (just over the 3 1/2!) Todd has since grown substantially, and is doing all the right things.

Here’s a photo of him at about 9-10 weeks. He’s a happy little guy and a real dellight. We hope this photo gives you as much pleasure as it does us.

Mr and Mrs J.

Herbal Brothers – Nathan and Lachlan B.
born 23rd March 2000 and 30th April 2003

Alexander T.
Born 10th June 2003

Arilla W.
born August 2002

Eliza G.
born 2002

Brielle Rose W.

Photo taken 12 August 2002

Joseph Jude Biviano I.
Born 24th August 2001

Yolanda Sari L.
Age 12 months

Benjamin P.
Born 2nd December 2001

Elle J.
Age 12 months

Lucas B.
Photo Taken 25th February 1998

Paloma Kate G.
Photo taken 5th August 1992 on her First Birthday

Cheeky Daniel T.
Late 1980’s