Owing to Catherine’s high success rate in the field of Natural Fertility Management, and the publicity she received from this (available for viewing here), Catherine sees a growing number of patients regarding fertility issues.

Many of Catherine’s successes have come from couples who have completed many years of unsuccessful IVF treatment. Interestingly, often after a short 12 weeks detox for both parties, success is achieved. If treatment with IVF intervention is needed success is more readily achieved with the help of healthier detoxed bodies.

As it takes two for conception it is necessary for both parties to detox in preparation. The fertility treatment plan consists of two stages:

Firstly there is the detox stage. During this time it will be necessary to adhere to strict recommendations: no smoking, no coffee, no tea, no alcohol, no cola drinks, no “recreational drugs”, no processed foods. It may also be necessary to avoid or eliminate certain foods, including genetically modified foods where possible (read more about GM foods and their effect on fertility here). Cleansing herbs in liquid form and tea as well as other supplements may be recommended.

The second stage of the fertility program consists of herbs specific to the hormone system customised for each individual, as well as reflexology, massage treatments and acupuncture (if required) during the first part of the woman’s cycle. Specific back massages (using a combined essential oil blend proven to increase sperm count, motility and morphology) to increase nerve function to the reproductive area may be recommended for male sperm improvement.

Not surprising many couples will notice more energy, better sleep patterns, excess weight loss (if necessary) and generally feeling fitter, healthier and less stressed. The average cost of the program will be approximately $5-$7 per person per day.

Catherine is a dedicated professional and her aim is to help you on your path to optimal health and desired outcome.

“A happy, healthy pregnancy and baby with minimum interference and fuss”