Spring menu

Hello all! it is once again the amazing time of the year when we feel like a total detox, and when we feel more inspired to clean out our pantry, homes, car, garden etc. During Spring, there is a surge or renewing and regeneration for all of life.


The ancients knew this as they informed people to fast at this time of the year, and funnily enough, all old cultures do fast in Spring. Passover, Ramadan, Lent, and Chinese New Year all fall on their first day of Spring. All these cultures abstained from animal protein, oils and dairy foods! Over the centuries, these cultures incorpo- rated it into their religions, saying that GOD wanted them to fast, so it became a religious time of the year!
In fact it is not just humans who go through a natural DETOXIFICATION in spring but all of life. Animals, plants and in particular trees send out their waste during the Spring, hence more sneezing fits occur during this time as does the runny eyes and noses!

Eating the animals that have been culled during this period also gives rise to gastro disturbances. So what does one eat in Spring to detox? Well, we have what nature provides for us at this time; lots of citrus fruits, SOUR fruits so excellent for cleaning our liver, Dandelions, and Sheeps Sorrel, French sorrel, Thistles, and lots of greens like Kale, Cabbage and Cauliflower. The season opens us up to having more Avocados, Kiwi-Fruit, and Chocko.

To keep up energy levels it is good to do some enemas during this season. Take extra bowel cleansing herbs and grains, as well as drink lots of CHLOROPHYLL rich drinks during the day as well as green smoothies. Veggie juices and combined fruit and veggie juices are really fun and full of goodness especially when mixed with Strawberries, Blueberries, and Raspberries. I enjoy Carrot, Beetroot, Celery, Apple and Ginger juices or Carrots, Cucumber, Beetroot and Apple is also very nice.


So keep up caring for your liver and do a spring clean each year, for either 6 weeks or the full 3 months if planning a family. This makes great preparation!

One would be avoiding meats, alcohol, dairy products, and deep fried oily foods. Caffeine and sugar too would be best avoided. If one cannot completely go off meat, then just have fish and seafood, perhaps a little free range organic chicken once a week.

Happy Spring Eating!


From Catherine
With health and good wishes